The North Dakota Towing Association represents the professional towing industry in the state. Primary functions include; providing a forum for sharing knowledge, assisting members in understanding and complying with all current rules and regulations, promoting the towing industry throughout the state, and initiating and assisting with legislative actions. The Association also promotes a positive public image of the towing industry by encouraging training, safety, courtesy,  fair business practices and professionalism from all its members.  
There are two types of members in the association; Operating Members (any individual or company actively engaged in the towing industry), and Associate Members (any individual or company wishing to support the association). New members are always welcome. Simply fill out the Contact form and request an application. Membership dues are $150 per year with a $50 new member application fee.
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Current Association Projects


  • Worked with legislature and law enforcement to allow both amber and white flashing warning lights.

  • Working on legislation to address abandoned vehicle title issues.

  • Researching a state certification program for operators and equipment.

  • Working with law enforcement to better enforce the "Move Over, Slow Down" laws.